FAX-OCR System

Automated fax order-receiving solution

The faxed data has to be entered manually into the system.  Keying, sorting, filing, and searching...  With the OCR(Optical Character Recognition) process, such time consuming processes can be changed.

OCR scans the faxed image, automatically feeds the faxed data, converts it to digital text, indexes and captures the data into a searchable database.

This allows organizations to automate the processing of fax orders received from customers, improving order-processing efficiencie while increasing customer satisfaction.


  • Hyperacute distortion / warping correction.
  • An easy-to-use interface for checking fax orders.
  • Displays faxed image along with text from the OCR process. fields are color-coded if the fax processor has determined there is less than a 95% probability of accuracy.
  • Zoom-in, zoom-out and controlled access to faxed image.
  • Automatically dispatches a confirmation fax to the customer.
  • Customised Order Forms for each company.
  • Electronic archiving and storage of all documents received can be converted to accessible electronic data.
  • Electronic document retrieval and display of faxed orders for review.
  • Linked customer account information notifys users when new data has been received for processing by a number display system.
  • Monitor status of orders.